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model number roof type clear span bay width eave height ridge height
AL2500/400/800 basic 25m 5m 4m 8m
AL3000/400/850 basic 30m 5m 4m 8.5m
AL4000/400/1000 basic 40m 5m 4m 10m
AL5000/400/1170 basic 50m 5m 4m 11.7m
-The Large SERIES is available in 25m, 30m, 40m and 50m widths in any length continuous in 5m bays.
- This series is suitable for many different occasions including commercial & industrial facilities or warehouses.
-The modular Structure can be simple or extremely sophisticated to match your imagination.
-Ideal for: exhibition halls, workshop, warehouse, storage, covers, events, sporting events, shows, arenas, parties, car showrooms, garaging, garden centre, weddings, stabling, hospital etc.
System floor
We provide various kinds of flooring. As follow:
- Average Quality
- Medium Quality
- Superior Quality
Side wall
As follow:
- PVC fabric sidewall: widely used in party tent, exhibition tent, storage tent and so on.
- Glass panel sidewall: widely used in party tent, warehouse tent and so on.
- ABS panel sidewall: widely used in fair tent and storage tent.
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